Ref.1011 Z-Screen 2000 Series

1. 2 used Z-Screens with no damage and in excellent condition
2. 1 brand new Z-Screen with manual and accessories.

Including a pair of glasses for each Z-Screen.

  • Z-Screen is a push-pull electro-optical liquid crystal modulator that is placed immediately in front of the projector lens or computer screen to alternately polarize the light from each video frame. It circularly polarizes the frames clockwise for the right eye and counterclockwise for the left eye.
  • Designed for engineers, scientists, cartographers and medical professionals for viewing complex 3D computer graphics models, Monitor Z-Screen 2000 uses Stereo3D™ technology to provide the most realistic representation possible. The Monitor Z-Screen 2000 Series is ideal for GIS/mapping applications, molecular modeling, and medical applications, particularly for dual display systems and small group visualization. The new Monitor Z-Screen 2000 Series is the most versatile Stereo3D imaging solution available.


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