Ref.1111 Zeiss TOP-15 Film Camera in excellent working condition

  • Lens: Zeiss Pleogon A3/4
  • Mount: The mount system for the TOP15 was custom made for the Cessna 210.
  • Laptop with Windows XP, loaded with Track’Air Suite included.
  • GPS antenna is included with the system that is a dash style mount GPS.
  • Transport/Storage boxes for the RMK-TOP15 (plus one crate for the custom mount is included with purchase)

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This Zeiss TOP15 System includes a Lens, a mount, a Track’Air FMS system CCNS4 and a cassette that functions as the film feed & pickup.

This system is fully functional, always handled with great care and has no issues. No repair was needed, aside from routine annual checks and preventative maintenance and calibration/service.


Optional:  6 rolls of film. All films have been continuously refrigerated.
  • Qty: 1 roll  Agfa Pan 80 full roll 250′ new purchased in 2019 Today’s cost $650, asking price $300.
  • Qty: 1 roll  Kodak 2460 ~250′ left purchase date unknown. Today’s cost $1,700  asking price $800)
  • Qty: 4 roll  Kodak 2460 ~50 frames left, each roll. Purchase date unknown. Included free of charge.