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Ref.1114 Leica RC30 Film Camera

The Leica RC30 Film Camera System with PAV30 and gyro mount, has a SPAN IMU with Track’Air FMS (CCNS4) included, also a RuggedBooks computer will be supplied.

  • Lens: Wild Universal Aviogon A4-F.
  • Mount: Gyro Mount PAV30.
  • Software: Track’Air FMS (Flight Management System) is loaded on the Tablets.
  • A complete set of Operating Manuals and Installation Instructions are included.
  • Transport/Storage boxes for the RC30 (plus one Tool Kit case)
  • There are 2 cassettes, one for film feed and the other for pickup.
  • All is transported in Alu Containers.
  • Shipping and handling charges are the responsibility of the buyer
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This system is fully functional, always handled with great care and has no issues. No repairs were needed, aside from annual check and preventative maintenance and routine calibration service.

We also have all the hardware needed for use in a plane and one mount with them.


Optional:  6 rolls of film. All films have been continuously refrigerated.
  • Qty: 1 roll  Agfa Pan 80 full roll 250′ new purchased in 2019. Today’s cost $650, asking price $300.
  • Qty: 1 roll  Kodak 2460 ~250′ left purchase date unknown. Today’s cost $1,700  asking price $800.
  • Qty: 4 roll  Kodak 2460 ~50 frames left, each roll. Purchase date unknown. Included free of charge.


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