Ref.1119: UltraCam Osprey M3p (Osprey Mark III Premium)

Large Format Digital Aerial Oblique/Nadir Camera System in excellent condition

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Large format digital aerial Oblique-Camera (Nadir / Oblique) Model: Vexcel Imaging UltraCam Osprey Mark 3 premium

Construction year: 2017

Maintenance: annual calibration, technical support

Focal length: Nadir 80mm, Oblique 120mm

Image size: Nadir 117 megapixel: 13.470 x 8.670 pixel (cross / along track) Oblique 79 megapixel: 10.300 x 7.700 pixel

Pixel size and shape: 5.2 µm²

Geometric accuracy: better ±2 µm

Sensor size (physical): 70.04mm x 45.08mm

Max. ground sampling distance (GSD): 3 cm at 63%; 5 cm at 77% forward overlap

Color depth during processing / output: >12 bit

A/D-conversion: 14 bit

Color depth during processing / output: 16 or 8 bit

Number of data units: 2

Storage capacity: 8 TB = 6.300 images

Data storage: fully redundant on two data units

Lens cones: 8

Lens shutter synchronization: coordinated lens shutters for all cones

Channels: Nadir: PAN (2 cones), RGB (1), NIR (1) Oblique: RGB (4)

Pan-sharpening-ratio: Nadir: 1:2

Forward motion compensation: by time delay and integration (TDI)

Most recent calibration: 14 May 2020

Last inspection at manufacturer: May 2020

Operated with: IGI CCNS4 / Aerocontrol

Shutter status: 4 Shutters replaced in 2020