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Ref.1102 Riegl VQ480i Lidar Scanner

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 It has been serviced 2 years ago at Riegl in Austria. It is in absolute top shape.

The scanner has been upgraded to VQ480i in 2018. At the same time the mirror/glass was changed.

Additional information

This scanner is still mounted in the plane and in operation. The complete system can be inspected with 10 days advance notice.

The system was always handled by the owner only. All is in excellent working condition. The scanner is sold with the original Riegl Pelican case, RiAcquire software, cables, and manual.

Link to: http://www.riegl.com/uploads/tx_pxpriegldownloads/DataSheet_VQ-480i_2015-03-24.pdf


This Lidar could be sold as a complete System with the NovAtel POS Track 510, Hasselblad A6D-100c camera and 2xPC Controllers, 3x monitors, power management, etc. ready for aerial survey projects.