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Ref.1027 NovAtel SPAN with FSAS – SOLD

NovAtel SPAN with FSAS including:

SPAN ProPak-V3 GPS receiver with enclosure, 200Hz IMU support, 2 cm RTK, accepts OmniSTAR HP/XP, CDGPS, and SBAS corrections, raw data; RS422 Version

Enclosure with iMAR FSAS-EI-SN IMU with internal magnetic sensor interface for use with ProPak-V3-424

L1/L2/L-Band, aircraft-certified antenna with FAA airworthiness certificate

5m RF antenna cable with straight TNC male plug connectors

Waypoint Inertial Explorer upgrade from GrafNav version v7.x

The system was delivered new 7 years ago. The buyer will get a new Pelican case to pack all items into one box.


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