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Ref.0742 Optech ALTM Gemini LiDAR

ALTM Gemini
Box 1 (Sensor Head), Box 2 (Control Rack)
Weight: 87 kg Weight: 76 kg
Dimensions: L=92cm, W=76cm, H=73cm Dimensions: L=77cm, W=66cm, H=58cm

1 Sensor Head Assembly
1 Control Rack Assembly

ALTM Accessories
1 Sensor head anti-vibration mount
1 Sensor Insulating Jacket
1 TFT LCD Color monitor 7”
1 Pilot Display Mounting Arm (with bracket)
2 ALTM hard drives (120Gb SSD): Optech Disk 55 & Optech Disk 63
1 Pelican Case for ALTM drives
1 Thermal BlacX Download Bay with power adapter & USB cable
1 ALTM Check List

ALTM Cables
1 Remote interlock cable
1 Laser power cable
1 Laser data cable
1 3-Pin power cable (Aircraft to Rack) (with connectors at both ends)
2 Grounding straps (Rack)
1 Grounding strap (Sensor head)
1 ALTM-NAV cable
1 RFI/RFB cable
1 Laser Q-switch 50-ohm cable
1 Sensor power cable
1 Sensor I/O cable
1 SVGA Monitor Extension Cable (Laptop to Pilot Display)
1 12V Power Cable (Pilot Display)

ALTM Laptop Computer
1 Dell Precision M4300
1 External Keyboard


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