• Vulcanair
  • LT Interior
  • HatchHandle
  • ref1176-4
  • ref1176-7
  • Vulcanair Dash
  • Vulcanair
  • LT Interior
  • HatchHandle
  • ref1176-4
  • ref1176-7
  • Vulcanair Dash

Ref.1176 For Sale: Vulcanair P68C

Year 2009

  • Manufacturer Vulcanair
  • Model P68C
  • Airframe Total Time 3,650
  • Complete Logbook History

Balance and Weight Data PDF – Click Here

**See Specifications and Technical Data below.  

No Cameras or Sensors are included with the plane. The Riegl Lidar Q1560 Lidar Sensor, ref.1116 could be sold in addition with or without the plane and invoiced separate’.

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  • SAGEM Avionics ICDS-8 Displays
  • GPS/COMM Garmin 530W
  • GPS/COMM Garmin 430W
  • Audio Panel GMA 340
  • Transponder Garmin GTX 330 with ADSB out
  • Autopilot S-TEC 55X
  • RADAR Receiver RDR-2000 RT
  • Garmin Flight Stream 510

**Please click on Logbook title (PDF booklets) below to open datasheets.

Ref.1176 Air Repair
Ref.1176 Vulcanair RT PROP
Ref.1176 Vulcanair Right Engine Combined
ref.1176 Vulcanair LFT PROP
Ref.1176 VulcanAire Left Engine Combined
Ref.1176 Brochure
Ref.1176 Vulcanair Airframe, Log Book
Ref.1176 VulcanAir Airframe Combined

***Airworthiness Certificate and Registration Form available upon request.


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