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Ref.0420 Vexcel 4000HT Scanner- SOLD

Vexcel 4000HT Scanner with aerial film advance mechanism in very good condition. This scanner was recently calibrated at the factory (June 2014) with Aerial Film Drive, and includes a DELL 9200 with licensed copies of all required software.

System includes a full set of packing crates from the factory. System can be crated and shipped anywhere. Buyer is expected to arrange and pay for shipping but seller will provide assistance with packing and moving the unit out of its current location. System operation can be demonstrated remotely for serious buyers (seller is not local to the system and operates it remotely).

This scanner supports spatial resolutions from 7.5 to 120 microns (3400 to 210 dpi), with 8-bit monochrome and 24-bit color, over a 254 mm by 508 mm scanning area (large enough for 2 standard 9 x 9 aerial photos simultaneously). Software supports auto sizing, autofocus, auto positioning and auto calibration for gray balance.

Scan times for a 23 cm x 23 cm image are 3 minutes for 25 micron monochrome (6 minutes for color) and 12 minutes for 12.5 micron monochrome (25 minutes for color).

Fully programmable, automatic film drive supports automatic unattended film scanning. Scans film in any sequence as determined by user. Drive supports variable film speed up to 200 feet per minutes and accommodates spools up to 1,000 feet in length, 70mm to 9.5 inches wide. Spring-loaded universal spindle tips automatically adjust to fit spool and adjustable spindle arm-post makes film spool interchange fast and easy. Can be used as a manual film drive for quick film preview.

System was fully refurbished and calibrated in June 2014 and is currently operating with no problems.


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