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Ref.1089 Z/I DMC II-140,

Complete System DMC II-140, Z/I Mount, POS-AV-510, and all Software in very good condition for sale.

Here are all details of the DMC II. We could provide raw data from both the DMC, FMS and GNSS, with some control to do an AT block. Can be tested with 2 days advance notice. It is still installed in plane and in projects.

This system is in Europe.


The following items could be sold separately:

Z/I DMC II 140 Camera,

Z/I Camera Mount,

Z/I Inflight Operator Display,

Pilots Display and cable,

Applanix POS AV V5,

Z/I Inflight Controller Box,

IMU Applanix FMU P300A,



Power Distribution Box

Z/I Mount

Z/I Inflight Operator Display

Pilots Display

Applanix POS AV V5

Z/I DMC II 140

Z/I Inflight Controller Box

IMU Applanix FMU P300A

2 x SSD 000000-1968-080 (upgraded 2013), 1,5TB each, about 4500 pics.

SSD Read Out Station HS (upgrade 2014): s/n 066 (High Performance)


Leica Mission Pro 12.2.22

Z/I Inflight 10.9

Z/I PPS 7.0


Z/I Copy

Applanix POS PAC 6.2