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Ref.0636 1976 Cessna 421C

The Cessna 421C, ref. 636 is a multi engine, pressurized Plane.

Year: 1976

Equipped to fly with automatic pilot and a Navigation System, GPS, up to 30,000 ft.

The Camera port is for a standard hole and can be used for Film Camera (RC30) or Digital Cameras (UltraCam).

SID and Spar are installed.

“Airworthiness Review Certificate” is from EASA.

Seats: 6 2

  • Left Engine CONT- TCM-GTSIO-520L Date 27/02/2013: 105 hours
  • Remaining hour: 1495 hours.
  • Right Engine CONT- TCM-GTSIO- 520M Date 11/03/2011: 305 hours

Remaining hour: 1295 hours


pdf        Specification Sheet

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