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Ref.1147 Leica RCD105 Aerial Camera

This Digital Camera is in very good working condition. The system is complete, and no repairs are necessary.


**Pair the item with the Leica ALS-50 Lidar Sensor, Ref.1132 for your Lidar projects.

It is best to use it as offered for your projects or as a backup for overflow lidar work. The owner has retired and would like to sell this equipment as soon as possible. The equipment is in their respective transport cases and could be bench tested with a few days prior notice. The asking price is US$7,500.00.


LEICA RCD 105 S/N 025

40 LEICA CAMERA LCD105 025 8
41 TOOLKIT 7631881 8
42 SOFTWARE DISC 766234 CH39-025 8


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