• Hasselblad Aerial Camera
  • Hasselblad Aerial Camera

Ref.1150 Hasselblad Aerial Camera with Some Accessories

Hasselblad Aerial Camera, A6D 100 C, 100 MP, with Hasselblad Lens 67mm, USB cable and custom-made carrying case.

Purchased new in 2018

*** Link to spec sheet here


The A6D-100c, which was first announced back in May 2017 to succeed the A5D, shares most of its primary specs with the photographer-oriented H6D-100c medium format DSLR, which costs $33,000. Specs include 211MB 3FR raw files, 289MB 8-bot TIFF files, 16-bit color definition, 15-stop dynamic range, a max ISO of 12800, CFast/SD card storage, computer tethering, and 60 captures per minute.



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