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Ref.1164 Leica Airborne Lidar ALS80-LP with RCD30 Digital Camera

This system is in very good condition. It was always in the care of the manufacturer, Leica in Switzerland.

The Lidar and Camera can be inspected and bench tested anytime with a few days’ notice.

Sold as complete system only.


Pictures: Sales Brochure from Leica:  see attached pdf                             Current pictures of equipment and accessories will be posted soon.

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Additional information:

Equipment, Inventory, Packing Slip
Laser scanner LS80-LP
System Controller SC80
Operator Console OC60
Pilot Display PD60
4 Band Camera RCD30 60MP
Camera Computer CC31
Ground Power Box
Replacement of Shutter RCD30 (New)
Interface Plate L Band
Antenna Associated Cables LiDAR
Imagery Extraction Bays


Service Event Service Date
Delivered Oct. 2016
Galvo Controller – Factory Repair Jun. 2017
Filter Artifacting – Factory Repair Jan. 2020
Camera Computer replaced, 62056 Mar. 2021
Fiber Optic Cable Replaced – On-site Repair Mar. 2022
Camera Computer replaced Mar. 2022

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