• Riegl Q560 System, complete with Track'Air V4.05
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Ref.1167 Riegl Q560 System, complete with Track’Air V4.05

This Lidar is in very good working condition and is complete, ready for projects. It is ideal to be used in a fixed wing and/or in a Helicopter. And used for medium or large size areas or for corridor mapping. The system is a Riegl Q560 includes the Flight Management System Track’Air V4.05

More information can be found with this link to Riegl Lidar Q560 DataSheet.


The advance Lidar unit 100 includes:

  • Riegl Software: RiAcquire and RiProcess
  • Dongle
  • Data Recorder
  • IMU LN200
  • LIDAR computer
  • Pilot Screen, etc.
  • See pictures.
  • The system is in excellent working order. This Lidar is in the USA and can be inspected at any time with a few days’ prior notice. We can also do a bench test.
  • The asking price is below average and therefore a bargain.

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