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Ref.1051 Wehrli Film Scanner RM5

The Wehrli RM5 scanner was purchased new in 2001 with manual feed.
Subsequently the scanner has been upgraded to an RM5 which has automatic feed.
Included is a cut sheet plate for manually scanning diapositives or negatives.
The scanner system is operated with a computer W/ IDE servo controller Interface Card inside the PC.
Included is also a manual for the Wehrli scanner.
The Film Scanner was serviced in 2010 and is currently in excellent working condition.
The scanner was always kept in a dust free “clean“ room.
Including with the Film Scanner is a HAS roll film cleaner with cleaning media.
There is a glass grid plate for scanner calibration.
Several spare parts are included too at no additional charges.
Dust and Scratch removal software included.
The System with the accessories can be inspected anytime with a 48 hrs. notice.

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