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Laser RIEGL VQ-480i (including).
IMAR FSAs imu-SI, 500 hz (including)
PhaseOne – iXA-R, 80 megapixel, FMC, and lens (including).
TRE-G3T Javad GPS and antenna (including).
AeCu20, unit control and synchronization, FMS hardware (including)
AePod, for helicopter external load sensors (including)
Hardware Sensors on the helicopter of Eurocopter wit AePod for STC (including). Optional for Bell, R44 or Hughes
AEPC, pc With SSD drives (1 terabyte), and power supply for all sensors (including)
AeMission, application of flight and sensor control FMS software (including)
AePost, post-processing application (including)
WayPoint of Inertial, GPS and inertial (including)
Calculation RMiTA, Riegl (including)

Training (including)

Training could be anywhere. No charge if at headquarter.

Optional softwares (planing software is not included):
TerraScan, TerraMatch, Terramodel, TerraPhoto, TopoFlight


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