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Ref.1109 Small format Nikon D800 Camera with Zeiss 50mm Lens

Included with purchase of System:

(provided for review upon request)

  • Nikon Camera Calibration Report
  • NanoTrack Operation Manual
  • NanoTrack Installation Manual
  • POS AV X210 User Guide


The system was purchased new in 2016 and was last used in 2019. It is in excellent working condition.

The IMU was under an Applanix maintenance contract since purchase, but ended Dec.31,2020.

Track’Air: NanoTrack maintenance ended in 2018.

Camera: Nikon D800 (5010072) with Zeiss Makro-Planar T 50mm f/2 ZF Lens.
•    Sensor Size: 7360 x 4912 pixels
•    4.9 micron pixel
•    Focal length: 51.5mm
•    Capable of capturing 3cm to 15cm resolution imagery
•    Memory cards – SanDisk 128 GB and Patriot 64 GB
•    Pelican case for Camera

Flight Management System:
NanoTrack by Lead’Air –  Flight management system that accurately fires the camera at per-determined positions and is capable of reading an electronic pulse back from the camera and providing a Mid Exposure Pulse (MEP) to an external source. This precise time tagging allows accurate georeferencing of the actual photo position by the GNSS/Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU).

Gyro Mount:
ON-Track Drift Mount by Lead’Air – An electro-mechanical system that provides automatic drift correction utilizing the drift angle derived from streaming data from the IMU. Proper drift positioning is essential to the processing of vertically captured imagery for the positioning, rectification or ortho-rectification of data.

GNSS-Inertial System:
POS AVX 210 by Applanix – High-performance Direct Georeferencing solution for improved efficiency and high accuracy of mapping with small and medium format digital cameras.

Utilizing a survey-grade multi-frequency GNSS receiver and MEMS inertial (IMU) components to provide high-accuracy positioning combined with precise orientation of the imagery.

The system reduces or eliminate the requirement of ground control.
APX15 – PCS 93
GNSS antenna – Trimble Applanix 10005827

12volt converter and split-er to power mount, camera and Applanix