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Ref.0739 DMC Z/I Intergraph

‘-Year: 2009
-Camerar Base Unit DMC Lean cpl
-Camera Electronic Unit, DMC Lean SSD. DMC firmware 2.1, eXP
-ZI Mount
-Keyboard Z/I Inflight
-Z/I Inflight Controller box
-Z/I Inflight Operator Display
-Pilot Display III
-Power distributor box 28v 2x25A max
-Unican recorder Z1
-SSD Storage Catridge 1200
-SSD Readout Station
-Applanix POS AV 510 V5

POS- Position and orientation system:

  • IMU-provides reliable, high performance, low noise sensor. The IMU is intergrated into the DMC.
  • GPS-24 channel dual frequency (L1/L2), low noise, DGPS ready.
  • PCS-POS Control System (PCS), which is intergrated into the ASMS.
  • Interfaces- Ethernet, RS-232, PC Card. Pulse-Per-Second, Eventmarker.
  • DMC to ASMS RTC IMU interface cable.


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