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Ref.0734 Optech ILRIS 3D LiDAR System

The Optech ILRIS is a long range, time-of-flight (TOF) laser scanner used for acquiring 3-Dimensional data of large structures or entire landscapes.

Original purchase date: 2005

Manufacture date in October 2005.

Instrument is in great working order. The unit has been slightly used.

The scanner supports an analog type LASER whereas the new scanners come equipped with a digital LASER rather than an analog.

1) Optech ILRIS 3D Scanning System
2) Power supply and cord
3) Battery inverter
4) 25′ Computer LAN cable (system is equipped with wireless networking via Wi Fi
5) Pelican Case with a retractable handle and wheels
6) Polyworks Software 2012 Suite purchased
7) Leica heavy duty tripod with Tri-broch
8) Controller software, parse ring software

ILRIS Advantages

Long range

  • Market leader in range capability (exceeds 3000 meters)
  • Permanent mounted solutions
  • Out-scan and out-spec your competition
  • Fewer set-ups required
  • Scan from safe areas

High angular resolution

  • Market leader in resolution
  • Achieve the highest possible scan density

High accuracy and precision

    • Market leader in accuracy
    • Out-perform and out-spec your competition
    • Measure to non-cooperative targets
    • Automated monitoring solution
    • Snow, ice and wet surface capability

Unique dual-axis scan pattern

      • Generate gridded data as opposed to lines of data
      • Improve models
      • Improve data quality
      • Unique to ILRIS



      • Civil Engineering
      • Rail

Natural Resources

      • Forestry
      • Geology, Mining & Geo-technical


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